Agriculture Equipments
ForDe Projects has been a poineer in Exporting Farm Machineries for cultivation and harvesting of various Agro commodities such as wheat, paddy Sorghum, Sesame seeds, Raoe seeds, Sunflower seeds etc.
The farms Impliments we offer are:
  • Tractors up to 80 HPs.
  • Cultivators.
  • Disc Harrows.
  • Rota Weighter.
  • Planter cum Fertilizer Drills.
  • Disc Plough.
  • Tandem Discs.
  • Threshers.
  • Chaff cutters.
  • Mould Bold Plough.
  • Auger / Pole hole Digger.

The equipments are made as per International Standards, exported to different countries in Affrica, South-East Asia and SAARC Countries.

We also provide complete solution for sprinkle Irrigation System especially for drip or micro sprinklers.

These systems can be :
  • Over Canopy and large low level sprinklers.
  • Small low-level sprinklers.
Classification of sprinkle System :
  • High Pressure system (Pressure more then 50 psi)
  • Medium Pressure system (Pressure between 35-50 psi)
  • Low Pressure system (Pressure less than 35 psi)
  • Automatic Sprinkle System.
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