Railways Track & Tools

ForDe Projects has been associated with various Railway Organizations around the Globe, supplying Railway Track Tool Equipments and Tail Parts.

One such Railway is Myanmar Railways. Coil Springs supplied to them as per the Japanese specification JIS 2702, SUP 9A helped them to reduce the breakdown of their Freight Wagon to almost Nil.

We provide the following:
  • Railway Air Brake Components.
  • Railway Track Tools & Fittings.
  • Rubber products for Breaking System & Components.
  • Track Fittings:
  1. Junction Fish Plate
  2. Joggled Fish Plate
  3. Railway Clips
  4. Steel Sleepers
  5. Bearing Plates
  6. Double Spring Washer
  7. Loose Jaws
  8. Points and Crossing
  9. Signal Relays
  10. Screw Spikes
  11. Cut Spikers
  12. Track nut & bolts
  13. Washers
  • Railway Electrification System, Air Break Swiches Traction Gears, Auxiliary Transformers, Booster Transformer.
  • Rubber Products for breaking system & Components, Vacuum Brake Rubber.
  • Railway Air Brake Components.
  • Railway track fittings such as chain for TRT Machine, Round shift chisel / Combination / Junction fishplate, Joggled fishplate, Railway clips, Steel slippers, Bearing plates, loose jaws.
  • Points & Crossing, Signaling relays, SGCI inserts.
  • Screw Spikes, art spikes, track nut, bolts, washers etc.
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