We Provide The Following Services, Technical Know How And Turnkey Contracts :
  • Effluent Treatment / Reclamation lants (Tanneries / Textiles / Chemicals / Food Processing / Petrochemicals / Pulp & Paper / Pharmaceuticals / Sugar Disillery etc.)
  • Sewage Treatment/Reclamation Plants (Hotels/Colonies and Township)
  • Potable Water Treatment Plants(For Domestic & Community size)
  • Industrial Water Treatment Plants(RO/DM/UT/Softening Plants)
R & D - To meet competitiveness, we innovate systems and solutions through continued research & development.
Design & Engineering : Our highly skilled team of scientist and engineers, microbiologist frame the process and execute the jobs using latest design software.
Quality Assurance : Stringent quality assurance plans are governing the engineering quality and workmanship of projects.
All shipmentsf are also subjected to quality inspection from SGS/DAE/NPC/BVQI prior to export shipment.
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